Quinoa breakfast bowl with fruit and nuts.

Start your morning with this healthy and delicious quinoa breakfast bowl.

How to make the quinoa breakfast bowl

  1. Cook the quinoa in about 250 ml water until all water is absorbed. Let the quinoa rest for about 5 min with a piece of kitchen paper between the pan and the lid.
  2. Mix about 5 big tablespoons of cooked quinoa with the other ingredients. And enjoy 🙂
  3. You can use any of your favorite fruit in this recipe. If you would like to make it more sweet add a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup.
  4. Any leftovers of the quinoa you can store in the fridge in a closed of box for a couple of  days.

Ingredients for 1 portion

  • 5 tablespoons of boiled quinoa (that’s about 80 grams of uncooked quinoa)
  • 200 ml unsweetened almondmilk
  • half a banana
  • a handful of blueberries
  • a handful of walnuts

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